We are excited to share that the first program of STI2022 is now available. Please note that this is a preliminary program, mainly aimed at helping those who are organizing their trip to Granada in September. You can find it on the new page we have created for this purpose (Program) and below.

During these weeks we will be providing more details of the activities and sessions. A particular mention should be made of the plenary sessions, which we are happy to confirm will be streamed free of charge. Stay tuned to discover the topics and invited people of the plenary sessions.

September 7September 8September 9
9.30-11.00Opening + Plenary – Zoom9.00-10.15Sessions9.00-10.30Plenary panel
11.00-11.30Coffee break10.15-10.45Coffee break10.30-11.00Coffee break
14.00-15.00Lunch + Poster session13.15-13.45Lunch + Poster session13.30-14.30Lunch + Poster session +
ENID Assembly (members only)
16.15-16.45Coffee break15.00-15.30Coffee break15.45-16.15Coffee break
16.45-18.00Sessions15.30-17.00Plenary – Zoom16.15-17.30Sessions
18.00-18.30Eugene Garfield Award17.30-18.00Gold sponsors sessions17.30-18.00Henk Moed Memorial
19.00-20.30Reception Cocktail18.00-19.00ENID Board meeting (members only)18.00-18.30Closing Ceremony
20.00-22.00WISP event20.00-22.00Gala Dinner20.00-22.00PHDrunks & Scientobeers

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