We have updated the program information with the latest changes. The main change has to do with the sponsor sessions, the rooms of both have been swapped: Digital Science will take place in room B, while ICSR Lab will be in room C, both on Thursday from 17:30 to 18:00.

Likewise, we include here details about the two sessions:

Dimensions and Altmetric: Sentiment Analysis, who is talking about your research?” by Manisha Bolina (Digital Science)

How do we go “beyond the numbers and the data” to generate insights?  This session will cover a brief overview of how Digital Sciences has combined data from two data sources, Dimensions and Altmetric, using machine learning to generate sentiment analysis.

 We shall also take a “sneak preview” of the new enhancements to come to Dimensions Analytics very soon!

Announcing the Peer Review Workbench dataset in ICSR Lab” (ICSR Lab)

ICSR Lab is a cloud-based computing platform that allows scientometricians to work with the raw data behind Scopus, SciVal and PlumX to conduct their scholarly research. In this talk we will provide a refresher on how ICSR Lab works as well as announce our new exciting dataset that will be available in 2023, the Peer Review Workbench, that enables academic research on submission and peer review metadata for 4.3 million manuscript submissions to Elsevier journals.

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