This year’s conference will take place at the University of Granada.

The University of Granada is one of the biggest universities in Spain. It is home to over 80,000 individuals – students, faculty, staff and more. It is the fourth-largest university in Spain, and is so well-regarded for many reasons. Particularly, the university distinguishes itself as an incredible resource for cutting-edge research, and intellectual advance. Beside academics, the University of Granada is a cultural hub which is home to individuals from many different countries, continents, backgrounds, and more.

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and at the Faculty of Communication and Documentation. Both faculties are located in the University Campus of Cartuja, one of the most important areas of Granada university. These buildings are very close to each other, so it is the ideal place for the coming STI 2022 Conference.

How can you get there?

The University Campus of Cartuja is very accessible, using public transport, taxis, and more, depending on where you are coming from.

From Plaza Nueva

10-minutes drive/taxi

16-minutes journey (walk/bus) via 8 line

From Granada Bus Station

10-minutes drive/taxi

27-minutes journey (walk/bus) via 33 line and 8 line



If you have any doubt, you can visit moovitapp.